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Showing on this website is my collection past and present of various Star Wars bootleg figures, from Turkish to Polish, from Hungarian to Brazilian. My main focus now is on Brazil Model Trem Figures and also on all kind of Snowtrooper character stuff.

Model Trem wise I am looking for quite a lot:

Always looking for figure variants and Ree Yees + Klaatu (w/weapon). There is also a box of small 2nd series ship I still need.
Next to this, a lot of boxes, weapons and 2nd series leaflets needed. Supply me with your ‘haves’ list.

Snowtrooperwise I am looking for:

– Uzay Blue Stars, figure, cape, rifle, card.
– Uzay Snowtrooper, blue rifle, card.
– Complete Hungarian w/cape
– Polish articulated black (and/or yellow, red, white) complete *lol.
– Old Mexican vintage head sculpt, so without the “mask” piece.

Detailed pictures of all my figures can be found over here, hope to add many more in the near future.

None of the figures are for sale. Some occasions trades would be considered.

Best regards,